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The 10 Highest-Paying Side Hustles On Fiverr

Working from home is a concept that seemed unimaginable a few years ago. Going to an office and dealing with hefty files and managing stressful tasks was a common norm. Fortunately, over the years, the methods of working have changed.  We will discuss Highest Paying Side Hustles On Fiverr in detail.

If you want, you can go join an office for the vibe and community and other office perks. Nonetheless, if you want to work from home with minimal human contact, it is always possible to become a freelancer. With the latest COVID-19 pandemic hitting peaks, people have seen that it is normal to work from home and actually make more money and savings than you would at home.

What Exactly Is Freelancing?

Many people have started their businesses from home while others have become self-employed contractors. If you are a freelancer, it means that you work on your own terms and conditions instead of being under a contract with a company.

Freelancers can get into short and long-term contracts with employers. However, they have complete control over the kind of work they do. Almost 61% of people who freelance mention themselves as self-employed. They also say that freelance is something that they do by choice. 

Most Popular Freelance Platform 

Looking for freelance work? First of all, you need to find a perfect platform that will help you find work. There are multiple platforms available but, the best one among the latter is FIVERR. It is an Israeli marketplace that allows people to offer their digital marketing skills to employers looking for certain services. Fiverr is a legit website but due to certain scammers and hustlers, potential buyers have become more conscious. 

The idea of starting Fiverr was to develop a website that allows people to start working from a comfortable place without the worry of middlemen, strict working schedules, and daily reporting. As a seller, you can sell your services to the person of your choice. According to recent statistics, there are over 14 million people signed up on the app. This definitely speaks volumes about the originality and authenticity of Fiverr. 

How To Start Getting Work On Fiverr? 

The most challenging part here is getting the first offer. Platforms like Fiverr require some commitment and attention before you can start making money. Although it’s really not that hard if you stick to it. These steps will help you set up on Fiverr and start making those sales: 

  • Sign Up as a seller. Your sign up details should be accurate and professional. You can Sign Up via Facebook, Google, and your Apple ID. 
  • Set up a profile picture. 
  • Creating a gig is what will help you get work. Set up a gig and select a service that you want to offer. 
  • Add a price to your gig. You can start for as low as $5 and upgrade the price of your service accordingly. 
  • You can add different media items like videos, images, documents, and relevant hashtags to sell your gigs faster. 
  • The topmost bar consists of an option ‘More’. Select that and choose ‘Buyer Requests’ to get requests by people looking to hire. 
  • People can make 10 bids a day. Your bids must be personalized, speak volumes about who you are, and are a genuine representation of your skill. 

10 Highest-Paying Side Hustles On Fiverr

Among the many different services offered by Fiverr, some have genuinely gained popularity. We will discuss them and, by the end, you will be able to make gigs about the ones that really work. 

1- Graphic Designing 

Graphic design is a popular skill that many people need daily. There are millions of graphic designers across the world. A lot of them don’t have a keen eye for style, elegance, and professionalism. 

On Fiverr, it is the top-paid hustle. Whether you want to take full-time gigs or something for the side, there are plenty of potential people who could hire you. You can design postcards, landscapes, logos, maps, presentations, albums, and much more. 

Average Pay For A Graphic Designer On Fiverr

Experienced graphic designers can earn between $100 to $3000 monthly. 

Skills Required To Become A Graphic Designer 

The topmost skills required by a graphic designer are: 

  • Photoshop 
  • InDesign 
  • Ability to follow instructions. 
  • Creativity to make the best designs 
  • Canva Pro

2- SEO 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method that helps websites to rank higher on the search engines. It is one of the most popular and highly-paid tasks. SEO is definitely your thing. Especially if you are aware of Google algorithms and the ever-evolving trends of search engines. On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO consist of a lot of things. As a matter of fact, if you are working somewhere as an SEO expert – use your talent on Fiverr and earn a few extra bucks every day. 

Average Pay For An SEO Expert On Fiverr

Experienced SEO experts can earn between $500 to $5000 monthly. 

Skills Required To Become An SEO Expert 

The topmost skills required by an SEO expert are:

  • Ability to analyze a business. 
  • Critical thinking and planning 
  • All type of SEO
  • Writing skills 
  • Research skills 
  • Data mining skills 
  • Sensible decision making 
  • Coding or arranging websites
  • Skills to use SEO tools 

3- Video Editing 

Videos are the most common way to engage people. Many people need video editing services for their social media pages and websites. With an increasing demand for video content online, opportunities for video editors have opened up. If you can edit videos by using professional tools, some attractive opportunities are waiting for you on Fiverr. Make sure to add your samples before bidding. It will help you attract more buyers. However, there is intense competition in this niche. Therefore, it’s better to make your gig relevant to the type of videos you will be editing instead of just going for a generic gig. Pick the most relevant gig from music videos, documentaries to VR and social media posts, 

Average Pay For A Video Editor On Fiverr

Experienced video editors can earn between $80 to $3000 monthly. 

Skills Required To Become An Video Editor

The topmost skills required by a video editor are:

  • Understanding of hardware and software. 
  • Ability to use video editing tools like Pinnacle, Corel, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, etc. 
  • Creativity and attention to detail.  
  • Ability to handle criticism. 
  • Time to edit videos. 

4- Content Writing 

The majority of people you meet who work on Fiverr claim to be content writers. With billions of blogs published on Google and millions being uploaded every day, becoming a content writer can actually change your life. Plenty of niches are present. Pick a niche that you are really good at. Create gigs that allow your buyers to see your skills as a writer. Add links of the work you have published on the internet, PDF documents, and screenshots. 

Average Pay For A Content Writer On Fiverr

Experienced content writers can earn between $200 to $3500 monthly. 

Skills Required To Become A Content Writer 

The topmost skills required to become a content writer are: 

  • Fluency in the selected language 
  • Research skills 
  • Knowledge of SEO working 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Keyword insertion 
  • Image designing 
  • Proofreading 

5- WordPress Development 

Standing next to content writing is WP development. It is indeed a moneymaking gig for all the tech-savvy developers out there. There are many off-shore and on-shore WordPress developers offering professional WP skills. Since many websites are being made on WP (we are talking billions here), you can really make a prosperous future with stable gigs on Fiverr. For people looking for long-term projects and gigs, becoming a WP developer is the way to go. Your clients will offer you substantial money if you are easy to talk to, clear on how you work, and give them the results they want.

Average Pay For A WordPress Developer On Fiverr 

Experienced WordPress developers can earn between $300 to $5000 monthly. 

Skills Required To Become A WordPress Developer 

The topmost skills required to become a WordPress developer are: 

  • Ability to make websites 
  • Web development experience 
  • Understanding of WP themes and plugins
  • Image and video editing (video is an additional perk) 
  • Research skills 
  • SEO 
  • Content writing 

6- Mobile App Development 

Almost 5 billion people use smartphones globally. Google Play Store and the App Store consist of a lot of apps. These apps generate money for the owner every time someone downloads it (or buys a premium version in some cases). 

You can also become a part of this well-paying prospect by acquiring some high-end mobile development skills. Mobile app developers can get a lot of offers regularly whether you develop apps for Apple or Android. You can get plenty of jobs from Fiverr. 

Average Pay For A Mobile App Developer On Fiverr 

Experienced mobile app developers can earn somewhere between $300 to $3500 monthly.

Skills Required To Become A Mobile App Developer 

The topmost skills required to become a mobile app developer are: 

  • Scrum management 
  • Agile methodologies 
  • Designing
  • Research 
  • Quality assurance 
  • ASO 
  • iOS and android app development 
  • Copywriting 

7- Web Copywriting 

The internet has over 2 billion websites with content on each and every one of them. Web copywriters are in huge demand nowadays because many businesses are shifting to online services and markets. If you know how to deliver high-quality content for websites, you are in for a treat. Web copywriters can earn a significant amount of money by taking orders on Fiverr. 

Average Pay For A Web Copywriter On Fiverr 

Experienced web copywriters can earn between $200 to $3500 monthly. 

Skills Required To Be A Web Copywriter 

The topmost skills required to become a web copywriter are: 

  • Fluency is selected language 
  • SEO understanding and basic knowledge 
  • Ability to research for keywords
  • Competitor research 
  • Personalization and ability to brand a business 
  • Strong expressive writing 
  • Convincing powers 
  • Creativity and a critical eye 

8- Social Media Management 

Social media is the key to getting relevant customers and making some quick sales. With many businesses moving online, social media has become their prime source of reaching the target audience. From more visual and chic platforms like Instagram to more professional ones like LinkedIn, all are in demand nowadays. Social media management is a vast term. A social media manager does much more than just replying to comments and inviting people to check your page out. In fact, from visual branding to post designing and from organic follower engagement to paid promotions, social media managers have a lot on their plate. Well, it is a rewarding endeavor because they do earn good money. 

Average Pay For A Social Media Manager On Fiverr 

Experienced social media managers can earn between $250 to $3500 monthly. 

Skills Required To Become A Social Media Manager 

The topmost skills required to become a social media manager are: 

  • Photoshop 
  • Other tools like Canva 
  • Google analytics 
  • Post scheduling 
  • Research (hashtags and competitor) 
  • Video editing 
  • Social media advertising 
  • Lots of creativity and inventiveness

9- Virtual Assistant 

This is more than a short-term project. Many employers and entrepreneurs search for virtual assistants who can work for them on a long-term contract.

You can effortlessly work from home as a VA. A Virtual Assistant has to help the employers and the contracted company in performing their regular tasks. The list can start from email handling and move up to bigger and more responsible tasks like approaching potential clients. It depends on the client’s demand. Just make sure that you are pitching for the projects you are really good at. 

Average Pay For A Virtual Assistant On Fiverr 

Experienced virtual assistants can earn between $100 to $4700 monthly. 

Skills Required To Become A Virtual Assistant 

The topmost skills required to become a virtual assistant are: 

  • Word processing 
  • MS Office 
  • Google drive 
  • Office management software 
  • Fluent communication 
  • Good-quality writing skills 
  • Regularity and discipline 

10- Business Development 

Help entrepreneurs grow their business and earn good amounts of money. Businessmen usually need people who would help them grow their present business into something bigger and more profitable. Business development managers help such people by contacting targeted audiences, dealing with existing and potential clients, and making sure that they are happy and satisfied with their opted services. 

Average Pay For A Business Development Manager 

Experienced business development managers can earn between $300 to $5000 monthly. 

Skills Required To Become A Business Development Manager

The topmost skills required by a business development manager are:

  • Excellent spoken skills
  • Research skills
  • Understanding of position
  • Communication skills
  • Email handling and management
  • Contact scraping
  • Cold calling

Final Thoughts 

Fiverr is a highly-facilitating platform for people who want to earn some money and for those who want to save some extra money. There are a lot of opportunities for the sellers who are looking for a side hustle. By selling your gigs on Fiverr and devoting enough time to it, you can easily make a handsome amount. 

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