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How’s Fiverr gig ranking different from google ranking

Google is the main search engine present and its thousand of people knows basic of Search engine optimization (SEO) to rank their websites on google. Fiverr is one of the main freelancing platforms. People usually confused the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm with the google ranking algorithm. There’s nothing similar with Fiverr gig ranking and google ranking that’s why we will discuss Fiverr gig ranking vs google ranking.

Google Search Algorithm:

Google search algorithm is complex and they continuously evolve algorithms to better content indexing. Studies have been published for google search algorithms and there are thousands of people who study SEO. SEO is search engine optimization to rank web pages on google. Indexing usually takes time as there is a number of web pages published every single day. If we break down the google search algorithm then it consists of three-component.

  • Keywords ( to rank webpage)
  • Content ( Quality and non-plagiarism content)
  • Backlinking ( Websites linking to your webpage to build site authority)

If I have to rank my webpage on google. First of all, I will research keyword for it. I will try to find the keyword having high search volume and low competition. Then comes the content part, I will write plagiarism-free and engaging content that’s SEO optimized. SEO-optimized content means that keywords have been used in the content more often. Usually, the convention is to have keywords in the opening paragraph and have at least 10 keywords in the article of 2000 words. When we publish content to our website and then start creating backlinks for the website. More quality backlinks from high domain authority sites will give better indexing and you might rank first on google search. Although Google search algorithm is complex I tried to give you an overview of how its works so you can understand Fiverr gig ranking vs google ranking better.

Fiverr Search Algorithm:

Fiverr search algorithm has been hidden from the public but freelancers who have worked with the Fiverr platform for more than five years can now decode the Fiverr search algorithm.

It’s quite different from the google search algorithm. One of the common things between Fiverr gig ranking vs google ranking is that our objective is the same for both platforms. For Google, we try to rank our website to google first page. For Fiverr, we try to rank our gigs to Fiverr’s first page. Let me explain how the Fiverr search algorithm works. Keywords, gig titles, gig descriptions, gig images have nothing to do with Fiverr ranking. Even profile levels, profile age has nothing to do with gig ranking. It all comes to the Fiverr gig selection done by the Fiverr professional team. They analyze gigs and assign them numbers. Lesser the number greater the chance of better gig ranking but still after a number of months your gig will get deranked. Because Fiverr gives equal rights to newcomers too. You can see many new gigs on the first page on Fiverr and gigs with 5* reviews on the last page. And that’s how the Fiverr search algorithm works.

Fiverr gig ranking vs google ranking

Now you understand both ranking systems, let us now compare Fiverr gig ranking vs google ranking.

  • Google will rank your webpage according to keywords, content, SEO, and backlinks. On the other hand Fiverr doesn’t rank your gig on basis of your gig title, description, and keywords.
  • For Google ranking, having a greater number of backlinks from high domain authority sites will get you better indexing on google. On the other hand, having backlinks or not won’t affect your gig ranking on Fiverr.
  • There is a complete study available for google ranking but the Fiverr search algorithm has been hidden from the public.
  • You can hire an SEO expert to rank your website on google, but there’s no one who can guarantee you ranking on Fiverr.
  • Google won’t market your site on its own but Fiverr does market its freelancer on different platforms.

We hope that this article enlightens you about the Fiverr gig ranking vs google ranking system. One of the reasons writing on this topic was that there are scammers who charge for the ranking gig on Fiverr. But little did they know that Fiverr ranking is not in their hands. They might rank gig with hit and trial but no one can guarantee ranking on Fiverr.

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