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Avoid These Mistakes on Fiverr

Today I am here to tell about few Fiverr mistakes due to which you have to face Failure issues.I will tell you what are those mistakes and how you should Avoid These Mistakes on Fiverr.

1. Fiverr Gig Creation Rule

First of All, When you are creating your Gig on Fiverr . Don’t copy the exact title, image or portfolio from any other persons Gig from Fiverr. It will affect your ID and you have to face difficulty in getting order due to your gigs deranking.

2. Fiverr Seller Algorithm

Fiverr algorithm always supports new sellers. Don’t do Spamming. Do good conversation with clients , don’t tease clients by sending them msgs again and again for order.

3. Conversation Outside from Fiverr

If clients wants to pay outside from Fiverr. Don’t give positive response to that client, otherwise Fiverr suspends your ID. Pretend to deal within the Fiverr Platform. Don’t take risk and report about that client to Fiverr.

4. Never Ask For Client’s Personal Information

You cannot ask for client’s personal information like phone number, Email etc. You also cannot share your personal information too. Fiverr didn’t allow you to use the email and phone number word. If Client wants your personal information too. Directly say no to him and continue your conversation with Fiverr only.

Incase if you need client’s email for your work then you can ask for email after the order placement process. For this purpose, You also have to clear this in your Gig requirements First that you need Client’s mail or website login details for your work.

5. What If A Client is Being Rude!

What if client is being rude or using harsh words with you! ( First thing is have patience, don’t use same words like him. Do not reply in the same tone. don’t abuse him. Just stop replying and be professional). In case, he is still teasing you, take the screenshot oh his msg and report it to fiverr. Fiverr will handle it by yourself.)

6. Take That Order, You Can Do

Take That Order, You Can Do. If you are sure that you can do that work properly and efficiently than accept order otherwise Don’t take order of that work you cannot do and are not sure to do it properly. If you do so and you cannot complete your work then your order got cancelled and your ID will be deranked.

7. Don’t Violate Fiverr Rules

Don’t Violate Fiverr Rules. If you do that Fiverr will send you warning and after that warning if you still do this mistake then Fiverr will suspend your ID after 3rd warning. So, Be careful, If you do not want to suspend your ID.

One more thing is that if you have any badge like Level 1 or Level 2 badge then that badge will be remove from your ID for one month after getting warning from Fiverr. Your profile goes down. You have to face problem in getting order after that.

So, Always try to follow Fiverr Rules and Policies and Avoid These Mistakes on Fiverr, if you want to work with Fiverr in the long run. Thanks!

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