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Why my Fiverr gig impressions dropping?

There comes a time in every Fiverr career when you think, “why my Fiverr gig impressions are dropping?”. Fiverr earning is not a stable source of monthly income. You can make very well for one month and for the next month you might not get a single order. This is how the Fiverr algorithm works. But it’s not only dependent on a Fiverr algorithm. You might have made some mistakes with your profile that might lead to dropping in gigs impression. Let us explore the answer to your question, “why my Fiverr gig impressions are dropping?”.

Fiverr Gig Rotation

Fiverr gig rotation is one of the reasons that might cause a drop in gig impressions. We can’t fix it because it’s a part of the Fiverr algorithm even though you’re performing very well and have many satisfied customers with five stars rating. Still, you can experience a drop in gig impression because Fiverr gives chances to new sellers and gives them a priority. New Sellers find it difficult to get started with Fiverr, so Fiverr helps them and shows their gigs on the first page. Once new sellers get their profile stable, Fiverr hits them with their Fiverr gig rotation, and they might also experience a drop in gig impressions.

Cancellation of Order

If you have canceled any order recently, then you might experience a drop in gigs impressions. Fiverr states that any cancellation of an order will reduce your gig’s visibility on the Fiverr page. Your gig position will drop, and gig impressions will drop drastically. Always try to communicate with the Buyer to avoid cancellation of the order. You can offer some perks or upsell services, so they don’t cancel the order. Order can be canceled by

  • You
  • Buyer
  • Or Fiverr Support

If your Buyer cancels your order, your gig impressions will drop more than if you or Fiverr support cancels an order. So, if you land in any difficulty with a Fiverr buyer, you should ask yourself to request cancellation. If the Buyer sends you a cancellation request, don’t accept it, and once you reject the cancellation, go to the resolution center and send the cancellation request yourself. 

An issue with Gig Images

When you created your Fiverr profile and gigs, your gig image might be best on the platform. But don’t forget that thousands of gigs are added to Fiverr every day. Some of these new gigs might have Gig images that are eye-catching and better than yours. It might result in a drop in your gig impressions. You must change gig images often and create the best gig images to get more and more clicks and impressions.

Response Rate

Your response time to client’s messages can also result in Fiverr gig impression dropping. You should try to be responsive and try to reply within one hour. If you respond late, then obviously, Fiverr knows that there are better sellers on their platform than you. Fiverr doesn’t want to repulse buyers from their platform, so they want you to reply to messages as soon as possible. Otherwise, buyers might look for another freelancer platform for hirings, such as Upwork and Peopleperhour. 

I hope now you understand “why my Fiverr gig impressions are dropping?”. You should also read top Fiverr mistakes you shouldn’t make.

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