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Fiverr Order Under Revision: How Does It Affect the Delivery Time?

Fiverr, the popular online marketplace for freelancers, offers a platform for individuals and businesses to connect and collaborate on various projects. However, there are instances when a Fiverr order goes under revision, leading to questions about its impact on the delivery time. In this blog, we will explore the concept of Fiverr order revisions and discuss their potential effects on the delivery time.

When a buyer on Fiverr requests changes or modifications to a delivered order, the seller may initiate a Fiverr order revision. This process allows for effective communication and collaboration between the buyer and seller to ensure the final delivery meets the buyer’s requirements and expectations.

Effects of Fiverr Order Revisions on Delivery Time

Extension of Delivery Time:

Fiverr order revisions often result in an extension of the delivery time. The duration of the extension depends on the complexity of the requested revisions, the availability of the seller, and the agreement reached between both parties. It’s important for buyers and sellers to have clear communication and establish realistic timelines during the order revision process.

Impact on the On-Time Delivery Rate:

Fiverr order revisions may affect the on-time delivery rate, which measures the percentage of orders delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe. If a Fiverr order revision leads to an extended delivery time, the order may be marked as late, potentially impacting the seller’s on-time delivery rate. This can affect the seller’s reputation and future opportunities on the Fiverr platform.

Mitigating Delays and Ensuring a Smooth Order Revision Process:

To minimize the impact of order revisions on delivery time, both buyers and sellers can take the following steps:

  1. Clear Communication during Fiverr Order Revision:

    Maintain open and transparent communication throughout the Fiverr order revision process. Buyers should clearly communicate their requirements, while sellers should provide regular updates and clarify any potential challenges or limitations.

  2. Define Realistic Timelines for Fiverr Order Revision:

    Establish realistic delivery timelines considering the scope of the project and the potential need for Fiverr order revisions. Both parties should agree upon reasonable turnaround times to accommodate any necessary modifications.

  3. Efficient Handling of Order Revisions:

    Promptly address Fiverr order revision requests and strive for efficient resolution. Sellers should aim to understand the revisions needed and provide timely updates. Buyers should also provide clear instructions to facilitate the revision process.

  4. Utilize Fiverr’s Resolution Center for Fiverr Order Revisions:

    If any disputes arise during the Fiverr order revision process, Fiverr’s Resolution Center can provide assistance and guidance. It serves as a platform for both buyers and sellers to resolve conflicts and find mutually agreeable solutions.


While Fiverr order revisions have the potential to impact the delivery time, effective communication, realistic timelines, and efficient handling of Fiverr order revisions can help minimize delays and ensure a smooth process. By maintaining clear and open communication, buyers and sellers can work together to achieve the desired outcome while preserving the on-time delivery rate and overall satisfaction on the Fiverr platform.

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