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Fiverr gigs suddenly dropped to the last page Solution

No doubt Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platform. But do you know that Fiverr faces some outrageous bugs in the last year? Fiverr is still trying to deal with these bugs but little success till now. One of the things reported by many Fiverr sellers is that their gigs suddenly disappear from Fiverr search. Fiverr algorithm is under criticism and Fiverr customer support finds it hard to answer seller questions. Level 2 Fiverr sellers are most affected by this algorithm. Fiverr profile and their gigs that were making $5000 per month thrown to the last page of Fiverr. If you’re one of the victims of the Fiverr algorithm, believe that you’re not the only one. Fiverr search engine optimization is a complete study and this article is your first chapter.

Fiverr Stance on this algorithm or most accurate to say BUG

Everyone knows fiverr popularity has been hit hard with this situation. Thousand of sellers contacted fiverr support for an explanation. Due to covid-19 or some unforeseen reason support takes ages to reply to the ticket. If you open a support ticket now you will most probably get a reply after 30 to 45 days.

Fiverr consider that algorithm has been created with extensive research so that new sellers can get the most benefit. “It’s not a bug but an algorithm designed after years of research”. It’s a regular gig rotation so that big fish don’t end up eating all the orders. 

Let suppose, if you have two profiles, a top-rated profile hit by fiverr algorithm and a new profile. You have a greater chance of getting orders on a new profile instead of a top-rated profile. The new profile will have greater impressions, clicks, and orders. I CAN BET ON IT. 

What to do if your profile has been hit by the Fiverr algorithm

You would have come across dozens of articles and videos on how to get gigs ranking back?. Some of the things they stress you to do are mentioned below.

  • Change gig image
  • Work on gig description
  • Replace gig tags
  • Share more on social media
  • Send more buyer request
  • Contact your old clients for work
  • Get reviews on your Gigs
  • Wait for 5-6 months and do nothing.
  • Learn more about fiverr search engine optimization

And much more. But believe me none of these strategy work. I have contacted hundreds of sellers facing the same issue. Neither they get gig ranking back nor they receive any new orders. What you should do now? I will answer this question in the most technical and sophisticated way. For that, I want you to look at fiverr strategy from a marketing view.

Fiverr Algorithm and their Marketing Strategy

No one wants to compel customers from their platform. If the seller faces problems like this then surely they will opt for other freelancing platforms. Believe it or not! Fiverr doesn’t want the seller to leave their freelancing platform.

Give Credit to Fiverr where its due

Fiverr runs ads for its seller without even asking them for a single penny from their pocket. They spend millions of dollars every year on ads for the seller gigs to bring customers to them. We’re being ungrateful to fiverr for spending money on us. Though they charge 20% of every order and service fees from buyers. But they deserve it because after all, they are doing business. 

Fiverr run ads for you and your gigs rank well on fiverr search engine. When you become a level 2 seller, approximately fiverr had spent $1000 for running ads for your profile. Then comes a time when fiverr stop running ads for you because they now want you to bring traffic to fiverr. Your gig gets to the last page of Fiverr because the amount of traffic to your gig decreases drastically. They want you to run social media ads and bring traffic to your gigs so Fiverr can get benefit from you. You can run ads for $5 per day on Facebook and you will see your gig positions get improve. But when you stop ads your gigs will get de-ranked again. 

What you should do now?

These are my most honest opinion and suggestion for everyone.

Do Calculations

You should do the calculation, how much you want to earn from Fiverr? How much you can spend on ads? What will be your profit margin on every order after paying for ads spent? 

Let me do basic calculations for you. Suppose you’re selling service for $50 and after paying Fiverr commission i.e. 20% you will get $40. Now, if you run Facebook ads for $20 and you get one order, you will earn $20 only. Once you start generating ROAS > 2 ( Return on Ads Spend) you can scale your ads. And you can earn the same amount that you were earning before getting hit by fiverr algorithm.

Get Your Interview to publish on Fiverrtalent

Fiverrtalent can give you free organic traffic to your gig to rank it better. All you have to do is to submit your interview and get it approved. It will surely increase your gigs impressions, clicks, and ultimately more orders. You can contact fiverr talent through the contact form. 

Buyer requests are not enough to get your gigs to position back, all you need traffic from high DA site like fiverrtalent.


You’re not the only one facing the issue with gig disappearing from fiverr search engine. But you might be the only person doing nothing to get your position back. From fiverr perspective, they have spent a lot on ads for you. Now they want you to bring them traffic. The solution is easy, don’t overthink, Invest in ads and publish interviews on fiverrtalent. Fiverr search engine optimization is a complete study and we have provided you the foundation for it.

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