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How to get my first order on Fiverr?

Fiverr is Best Freelancing Platform for beginners

Getting the first order on Fiverr is not difficult at all. Fiverr is the best freelancing platform for beginners. Anyone even with a small skillset can become a super successful freelancer with Fiverr. But many of the people find it difficult to get their first orders on Fiverr. Patience and Consistency should be there if you want to be successful with your freelancing career.

There are many reasons for not getting first order on Fiverr.

  • Unprofessional crafted gigs
  • Profile not completed
  • Reviews are not there to support your words
  • Saturated Market for the services you are providing
  • The competitor with good reviews providing the same services at the same or lower rates

Fiverr then and Fiverr Now

When I first joined Fiverr back in 2014, there was less competition but still, it was difficult to get orders. And the reason was Fiverr was not having many buyers on the platform. But now in 2021 Fiverr is flooded with sellers and buyers. So, getting orders should be much easier than before.

Big Picture of Getting your First Order on Fiverr

If you look at your surrounding, you might come across people who are working as a freelancer on Fiverr. Look at their lifestyle, how they spend most of their time if they’re successful get inspiration from them. Response time for messages should be very quick. Freelancers on Fiverr tends to have their phone notification on especially for Fiverr, so they can reply instantaneously.

Most important thing is QUALITY and PORTFOLIO

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is the buyers are looking for quality. If you don’t have a solid portfolio they will choose other freelancers over you. Everyone thinks that the first step for starting a freelancing journey on Fiverr is to create gigs on your profile. But, you should work on your portfolio first and then join Fiverr.

Eye-Catching Gigs
Next thing you should focus on creating eye-catching gigs. If someone searches for the services you’re providing on Fiverr. Your gig will show along with thousands of other competitor gigs. Visitors will only click on the gig if you have a GREAT gig image and gig title. If they click on your gig only then they will be able to read your gig description and packages.

How to create a Eye-catching Gigs?

  • Research tags for your gig
  • You can find tags from your competitor gigs
  • You can search on Fiverr search buy for tags
  • Put yourself in place of the buyer, what you think a buyer would search for your services
  • Write a description for your gig focusing on what value your services will provide to the buyer
  • Your Gig package should be drafted with proper planning, the bigger package they buy bigger the discount they will get.
  • Create Unique Gig Image, it’s recommended to design a gig image by adding yourself in the image to build the credibility of your services.
  • Its recommended to add videos to your gig, I would suggest you order animated videos for your gig. It will improve gig visibility and engagement.
  • Publish your gig and wait for one week.


If you start getting clicks and impressions on your gig then leave the gig as it is, else kills the gig and creates a gig for scratch again. Share your gig on social media platforms, your family and friend might not be the target buyers for your gigs. So, it’s useless to share your gig on your personal profile. Join some groups and forums and share your gig links cleverly. Don’t just copy-paste gig link. Write an engaging post with your gig link.

Follow this Advice and You will have higher probability of getting your first Order on Fiverr

Don’t try to play with Fiverr, gigs favorite exchange won’t work, fake orders from relatives or friend won’t work. You need an organic order and review. Organic means someone searches for the services, scroll through Fiverr pages, and find your gig listing, click on gig listing and make a purchase.
Get your interview to publish on Fiverr talent. Believe me! It will increase the chance of getting orders drastically. Contact them through the contact form placed on the site and write an engaging interview for yourself. Traffic will divert from Fiverr talent to your Fiverr profile and will convert into orders.
If you are still not able to get orders, then try to change your skillsets. Learn some other skills and make a complete change to your Fiverr profile.

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