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Interview with Asma Jahangir – Rising Fiverr Seller

Asma Jahangir is a rising talent on the freelancing platform Fiverr. Asma specializes in writing high-quality content that is SEO optimized and Copyscape/TurnItIn tested. Asma is well-versed in writing articles on a plethora of niches including health, fitness, automobile, business, IT, medical, pets, technology, lifestyle, beauty, etc. You can contact Asma for highly engaging blog posts that will bring loads of traffic to your website or blog via organic searches.

Apart from this, she is a person with a good heart who loves to live a simple life with her people around her. We had a detailed conversation with Asma, following are the excerpts

Q1- What inspires you to write more?

I personally think that writing is an art. And when you draft your writing in text form it turns into magic. Maya Angelou once quoted, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Personally, the thought of sharing my world with others, and all the emotions in it, bring such inspiration to me that I feel I need to get who I am out there, in a way people can relate to and enjoy. It also helps me come to terms with my inner demons, since oftentimes, conflicts idealized by the author reflect their own inner conflicts, and this is true for me. I think seeing my characters overcome these conflicts tell me I can do the same since these characters come from my heart. Writing itself inspires me to write more and there’s no alternative to a better feeling than writing my words out.

Q2- Who are your favorite authors and why?

My all time favourite authors are Stephen Edwin King and J.K Rowling. I’m just crazy for their work. How amazingly they put their feelings to words. It’s my dream to finish all the books written by them and draft even a single paragraph like them.

Q3-What is the definition of success for you?

Every person thinks differently. So from individual to individual the definition of success may change. Someone may think earning fame and a name is a success. And for others, it could be different.

If we define the word success, it refers to the accomplishment of an aim and purpose. Life is all about race. The ones who win are always called a winner. The ones who lose are always termed as a loser. Now, what you want to be both of them depends on you.

In my view:

  • Life is successful if you can feed your parents, with the money that you earned by working hard day and right.
  • Life is successful if you feed the poor and you get the blessing in return.
  • Life is successful When you realize that this is enough for me. You don’t need anything else in your life from now on. You are happy. You and your family only.
  • Life is successful if people know you more than by your good deeds not by your bad ones.
  • Life is successful when you help others selflessly and receive their prayers.

Success is nothing but satisfaction. Once you satisfy your greed you are successful. The ones who are running after money are not successful. Ask them How happy they are living their lives? How many hours do they sleep in a day?

Q4-What makes your writing different and interesting from others?

I write with my readers in mind, making my answers as easy on the eye as possible without omitting important points. I try to write with voice, and I make sure my sentences read much like a conversation would. A simple way to do this is to write pieces as if you are going to deliver them as speeches. Full of fragments and simple sentences. Thoughts that are concise are thoughts that are remembered. And the same goes for sentences and paragraphs in books.

My ultimate goal is always to be as realistic as possible. That means that I try to write in a simple and straightforward way. I want my images to be dynamic. I want the emotions to be raw. I want you to feel, with every word, that you’re there. I want you to see everything. Smell it, touch it, notice the weather, everything. I don’t want to write confusing sentences, use words that are obscure or hefty to pronounce, or use inverted sentence structure. I want my language and my style to be so seamless that you don’t even think about it. It’s not even about my style. The focus is on the content and the experience it elicits in the reader.

Q5- Would you please like to share some simple and basic tips for writings?

Well it depends on the sort of writing you are trying to do. One of the best pieces of advice that I could give anyone is to read more, because the more you read, the better you can write. I don’t consider myself guru for content writing but I’m satisfied with my writing style because I keep it simple. You don’t need to make your writing difficult to reader by adding vocabulary that sounds alien to them. Remember, you’re your reader best friend so try to make things easier for reader.

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