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How to pave the way for a successful video editing career – Interview with Zain-ul-Munawar, Emerging video editing talent on Fiverr

how to pave the way for a successful video editing career? Zain-ul-Munawar is here with fiverrtalent to answer your question. Zain-ul-Munawar is known as mentorgraphic on fiverr is an emerging video editor. Zain believes that video editing is not a job but a passion to follow. Zain loves spending time in the creation of visual masterpieces. He uses Adobe premiere pro, Adobe Aftereffects, and other video editing software. If you need assistance in creating animated marketing videos, youtube videos, social media posts, music videos, personal or business videos, promos, adverts, professional intros, dank memes, spicing up a simple vlog or anything related to video editing than mentorgraphic is the best person.

We loved Zain’s motto of “Customers satisfaction and detailed communications for flawless video outcome”. We appreciate zain for giving an interview to fiverrtalent.

Zain, can you tell us when you did you join fiverr? And what services do you offer?

Hello Fiverrtalent, I want to thank you for publishing my interview. I hope my words will help my co-workers to get potential clients online. I have joined fiverr recently but slowly and steadily I’m eyeing toward fiverr Top rated seller badge. I’m offering video editing services that include Animated marketing videos, Youtube videos, Social media posts, Music Videos, Personal or business videos, promos, adverts, etc. I can help with anything related to videos.

What do you think? How to Pave The Way For A Successful Video Editing Career?

Video editing is a very broad field. someone who loves videography or photography would eventually find themselves in the video editing field. It is a fact that no matter how professional a videographer you’re, no matter how many professional videos you have shoot, you will always be dependent on video editing for the final video outcome. So, if you know where you want to see yourself in 5 years with a video editing career it will be easier for you to pave your way to success.

There are many video editing career paths like Film editor, TV studio editor, event video editor, web video editor, animator, or colorist. You need to study the benefits of these video editing career paths and follow what your heart says.

How to build a video editing portfolio for beginners without any job experience?

If someone approaches you for some video editing task, first they will ask you to show them your portfolio. So, it will be easier for them to award you the project. Having an eye-catching portfolio is key to success. Not only for a video editor career but with any other career. I would suggest you look at the local businesses. someone maybe with a small fast food stall or maybe some small agency might be in need of videos for their business, you can offer your video editing services for a very low cost. You can create video promo for them and use them for portfolio. Your portfolio will get you highly paid clients on fiverr or any other freelancing platform.

How to get your first video editing clients on fiverr? If someone wants to start with video editing freelancing career on fiverr, what should he do?

Once you have your portfolio ready, you can create gigs on fiverr showcasing your portfolio. You will need to be patient with fiverr because there’re thousands of freelancing just like you waiting for their first order. When you create your gig you should target high search volume keywords with low competition. You might have to wait for some weeks but if you have listed your gig in the right category and added the perfect tags then orders will come your way. You can ask someone you know to purchase your gig on fiverr and leave you a good review. Reviews are the backbone for fiverr profile so get some reviews first and just wait for an actual client to message you.

Apart from offering services of video editing on fiverr? Do you earn from video editing skills without offering a service online?

If you know how to edit video well then you would not be dependent on providing services only, you can start your own YouTube channel and upload the content that will help you get your channel monetized. Apart from being a freelancer on fiverr, I’m doing photography, videography and have my youtube channels as my side hustle.

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