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Importance of Digital Marketing for Ecommerce – Interview with Muhammad Nouman, Top-rated Seller on Fiverr

Let us discuss the Importance of Digital Marketing for eCommerce. Muhammad Nouman is a Top-rated freelancer on fiverr. having hefty experience in digital marketing and eCommerce business development decided to turn his biggest passion into my job. After being super successful on fiverr, Muhammad decided to start his own digital marketing agency. With an extensive network of technology and marketing partners, Muhammad Nouman has worked with over 200 brands and counting.

Fiverrtalent feel honored interviewing fiverr top talent Muhammad Nouman.


Muhammad, can you tell us when you did you join fiverr? And what services do you offer?

Hello fiverrtalent, I have been freelancer on fiverr for 3 years now. I am providing Shopify development and digital marketing services. I am a certified Shopify expert having 7 years of experience with Shopify. Recently, I have started an agency with my name Muhammad Nouman specializing in Shopify development and marketing. Shopify experts, store owners, creatives, digital marketers, and developers came together under the notion that the retail world is headed online.

What do you feel how this pandemic Covid-19 effected ecommerce business?

Covid-19 has affected every physical business, and everyone rushes to an online presence. Demands for e-commerce stores increase drastically. With the drop-shipping model, everyone wants their own eCommerce store. If you see the purchase behavior of customers in Q4 of this year it did not grow as expected. We can say the number of eCommerce stores increases more than the purchasing behavior of customers. You can sense the Importance of Digital Marketing for Ecommerce with this.

What do you say about importance of digital marketing for eCommerce?

I would say that effective digital marketing is more important for the ecommerce store than the product you’re selling. You won’t be able to sell your product if you don’t know how to market your product. 99% of the online business shuts down because they neglect the importance of digital marketing. I would recommend you hire a professional digital marketing expert from the beginning.

What can an online business like shopify dropshipping store can do for you?

The importance of the online business presence can be judged by the fact how COVID-19 impacted the physical business and online business follows upward trends. So, everyone needs to be encouraged to start with an online business as soon as possible. Because sooner or later, everyone will be having an online business presence even though they delayed them to start now. some of the benefits for online business.

  • You can work from anywhere
  • You will be able to save ton of money
  • set your own schedule
  • Focus more on your personal relationships

What do you suggest? If someone wants to start with dropshipping store, should he opt for one product store, niche store or general store?

It depends, if you have limited on budget, I would suggest you one product store. But if you have a good marketing budget then you should focus on building a brand. Niche Store and General Stores are good for building your own brand. But you will need a lot of marketing budget for building your brand presence on social media. Actually, I would suggest everyone start with one product store. Once you start getting some sales you can add more related products. It will help you achieve your goal faster.

What do you suggest? How should anyone research winning product for the store?

Researching winning products is the most important thing for the dropshipping store. 90% of the people lose their money with dropshipping because they promote saturated products. I won’t suggest you hunt products from product hunting sites like nichescraper. It’s because thousands of drop shippers have the eyes of the same product. I would suggest you research products with your common sense. Anything that solves the problem and has a Wow factor can be a winning product. I have my own product research strategy.

How is your experience with fiverr? As being working on fiverr platform for 3 years, what do you think how fiverr gig ranking algorithm works?

My experience with fiverr is Good. I have been part of fiverr freelancer family for 3 years now. I have worked with over 500 clients on fiverr and most of them were humble. But there are many buyers on fiverr who exploit sellers. Fiverr gig ranking algorithm is a mystery. Now a day, fiverr does extensive gig rotations to give chance to new sellers.

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