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How to Become a Successful Shopify Entrepreneur – Interview with Shopify Expert Rubazh

Rubazh is a Successful Shopify Entrepreneur, has 3+ years of experience with shopify, and created more than 150 amazing shopify stores for her clients. We interviewed Rubazh to find out how to become a successful shopify entrepreneur and how she helps people starting with shopify and dropshipping journey. Also, how she helps eCommerce store owners to build a strong online presence and brand reputation. Rubazh shared the story of how she got into the freelancing world and how she created her super successful shopify agency.

How did you start with shopify and ecommerce? What inspired you to start this business?

First, thank you so much for considering me for the interview on fiverrtalent. You guys are doing an amazing job. I started as a virtual assistant for managing my client’s work. My client asked me to research how can he gets into e-commerce world without having a physical inventory. I researched for a month and find all about shopify and dropshipping. When I built my first store on shopify 4 years back, my client was so much amazed at the store outcome. He appreciated me a lot for my work and give me a heavy tip of $500 for the work. That $500 tip inspired me to choose shopify as my career path and I’m glad I took the right decision at right time.

How do you help Shopify store owners build a unique presence for themselves online?

I am working full time as a freelancer on fiverr. I get many clients with different nature and budget. Someone wants me to build a store for $50 only and another wants me to provide my best services and they will happily pay for my work. For both, low budget client and high budget clients I make sure I provide them high-quality work. I don’t just create a shopify store but build a brand for my client. I heavily focus on my client to step into branded shopify store otherwise their journey can end very soon. I have a team working with me from social media expert to SEO expert. So, building a unique presence for my customers is not very difficult for us.

Who is a Shopify Expert? Why and When should one hire a Shopify expert?

Shopify expert is professional having years of experience working with shopify and know strategies to make shopify store work successfully. You should always have a mentor as a Shopify expert along with your shopify journey. When you start with the shopify dropshipping store. Shopify experts can guide you in picking the best niche. Also, for the product research shopify expert can hunt winning products for you and build a responsive store around them. I would suggest you hire shopify expert as soon as you plan to start with shopify. Learn things about shopify from the expert itself and implement them yourself.

What makes your services different from other freelancers?

Firstly, I have run our own Shopify stores, so I know the ins-and-outs of owning a shop. If you see my store portfolio you will feel the difference. I’m not just creating a store, I create a feeling that will engage customers to buy from the store. I have 3 years of experience with shopify and I am doing it full-time. I can help you with niche research and product research. I can help you with shopify store development and building your brand reputation. I can help you with SEO and marketing. I can be your shopify mentor and virtual assistant. Summing up, I can help you from scratch to success.

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