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How to do Branding of your Fiverr Profile

There’re thousand of Sellers listed their services gig on Fiverr. Only a few of them stand out because of better Fiverr profile branding. They invest heavily to build a profile that catches everyone’s eyes. Casually adding gig image and profile image won’t get you many orders on Fiverr, you might get some lucky orders from the buyer buying service in hurry. But for getting regular order you should consider Fiverr profile branding.

How to build your Fiverr Profile a Brand?

Setup your Fiverr profile in such a way that it will leave a lasting impression on the buyer. If you want to get the most out of your Fiverr profile then you must have a good number of returning buyers. Suppose if you’re selling your services for $5 on Fiverr. To earn $5000 per month you will need more than 1000 buyers per month (That’s near to impossible). So you must have a great buyer who comes back to you for more work. If the buyer spends $5 on your services then he should come back to buy the bigger package. That’s only possible if you build your profile a brand. Instead of searching for services of Fiverr search, the buyer should favorite your gigs. Tip: You can ask the buyer to favorite your gigs if they like your work. 

Use Consistent Color Scheme

If you check the biggest brand in the market, you would have noticed that they follow a consistent color scheme. You should do the same. For gig images, you should use consistent two colors for all the gigs. Your gig must not be a blend of colors nor lack colors. 

The best color to use for the gig image is Green and White because the Fiverr color scheme is also Green and white. It will give a sense of professionalism to buyers. Or you should try a combination of 

  • Red and White
  • Yellow and White
  • Blue and White
  • Red and Black
  • Purple and White

Must have a Logo

99% of the Fiverr seller don’t have their logo. 1% of the freelancers who have their logo are dominating the Fiverr platform. You must create a unique and eye-catching logo for yourself. A logo that reflects your username and your services. You can find a platform such as freepik where you can find the logo for you. Just edit a logo file a bit and you have your own logo. The logo is a must for better Fiverr profile branding.

Order Submission Branding

Many people just casually upload the files to the order submission. Submission files may be code files, images, pdf, document, audio, or anything. I would recommend you to create a PDF that you will attach with order delivery with submission files. You can thank your buyer for purchasing your services, tell them more about you and your services to upsell. It will bring you more return customers than you ever imagine.

Confident Profile Picture

Invest in your profile picture for Fiverr. Get a professional picture captured in proper formal dressing and a smile. You should look like a professional selling service at a marketplace. You can use the color background for the image or use the office building or workspace as your background. Be confident in what you do whether it’s just a profile image for Fiverr.
Follow these tips and you will be able to do perfect Fiverr profile branding. Don’t copy anyone in your branding. There are some people who copy the gig images of other freelancers and replace the freelancer with themselves in gig images. DON’T DO THAT. It’s unethical and original will always be better than your copy.

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