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Get Paid Instantly on Fiverr | Fiverr Early Payout

Early Payout allows qualified merchants to make their profit accessible for withdrawal before the safety clearance period is over. The Early Payout highlight means to assist sellers with further developing their income. Here, we will discuss how to Get Paid Instantly on Fiverr | Fiverr Early Payout.

Moreover, Fiverr puts no pressure on paying the cash advance, and one speciality is that they charge interest on it.

Please note: Early Payout is only available to selected sellers.

How it works?

  • On the order page, you can see your clearing finances in the activities table. Close to relevant orders,  You will see the Early Payout button.
  • Click on Early Payout to see the expense that will be charged for the activity.
  • Click Get Paid Now, and the assets will open up for withdrawal.

The new Early Payout icon

Disclaimer: At present, The new early payout has been delivered to selected sellers, and will be accessible to all sellers soon.

  • To access the Early Payout option on the new Earnings page:
  • When you click Get paid now, the funds will become available for withdrawal. So, closing the pop-up will take you back to the table.

Eligibility Criteria for Early Payout:

Eligibility is based on your sales and performance history, quality measures, and compliance with Fiverr’s Terms of Service and Community Standards. Hence, Your eligibility is automatically define and can change on a daily basis.

Charges that Fiverr takes:

The standard expense is 1% only.

How much interest is charged on Fiverr Cash Advance?

No interest is charge on the cash advance. The total amount to pay is paid to Fiverr from your future earnings. You don’t pay the Cash Advance when you don’t have earnings.

Orders on which you can’t get early payouts:

Auto-complete orders can’t be cleared with Early Payout.

Early Payout affects your withdrawal:

The feature only clears your earnings at an earlier stage. The actual withdrawal still needs to be completed through the standard withdrawal process. 

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