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How to get up to $5000 from Fiverr | Fiverr Cash Advance

You can get $5000 from Fiverr without doing any work on Fiverr with the help of their cash advance feature. Fiverr gives this option to their selected sellers to receive an on-the-spot cash advance to grow their business. This advance is immediately deposited into their Fiverr balance and is available for withdrawal.

Fiverr puts no pressure on paying the cash advance, and one speciality is that they charge interest on it.

How will you pay this cash?

You pay it back with your future earnings – from every sale you make on Fiverr as a seller. 40% of your Fiverr earnings are used to pay the advance cash. When you don’t have earnings, you don’t have to pay the cash advance.

How it works?

Fiverr Cash Advance is only available to selected sellers.

  1. On the Earnings web page, you are redirected to an information popup.
  2. Select your preferred amount for a cash advance from the drop-down list and click Continue.
  3. Read the Fiverr Cash Advance Terms and select the checkbox to confirm your agreement.
  4. Enter your full name, not your Fiverr username, as your signature. Your signature means you will stand by the terms of the agreement.
  5. Click Get Cash Now
  6. You are now redirected to the Earnings page where you can click View Cash Advance to get the following information: 
    • Cash advance
      The amount added to your available balance to use or withdraw.
    • Amount to pay
      The total amount you will pay for the cash advance.
    • Paid to date
      The total amount you have paid, to date, on your cash advance.
    • Amount due
      The total amount that still needs to be paid on your cash advance.

Please Note:

If you have an active Cash Advance—meaning that you are still paying it back—you cannot take another. Once you have paid off and returned the Cash Advance amount, you can take out another (as long as you’re still eligible for one).

Some important questions related to the Fiverr Cash Advance facility

What are the eligibility criteria required for Fiverr Cash Advance?

It is automatically defined and is subject to change. Your eligibility can change based on your sales and performance history. A cash advance is not available to everyone, and Fiverr is not accepting requests related to this.

How much can you receive as a cash advance?

The amount varies per seller based on individual sales and performance history.

How much interest is charged on Fiverr Cash Advance?

No interest is charged on the cash advance. The total amount to pay is paid to Fiverr from your future earnings. You don’t pay the Cash Advance when you don’t have earnings.

How do I pay for the Fiverr Cash Advance?

There is no pressure to pay the cash advance, and you pay with your future earnings only when you earn. For every sale you make as a Fiverr seller, 40% of your Fiverr earnings are used to pay the Cash Advance in full.

Example: You completed an order for $10.

 See the Cash Advance breakdown below:

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