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Create your content writing fiverr gig with these researched gig titles and tags

Are you a content writer? Do you want to start your journey on Fiverr with your content writing skill? I will guide you each and everything to rank your gig on the first page of Fiverr. I will provide you relevant tags and gig titles that you can use for your gigs. Your gig will stand out from your competition using my technique.

Content writing is a very broad field and there’re many sub-fields of content writing. When you create your Fiverr profile make sure you create gigs within that sub-field. Your Fiverr profile must revolve around only one sub-field otherwise your gigs won’t get ranked higher.

In this research, I will mention every field of content writing that can be your Fiverr profile niche. You will be provided with the best titles available, tags that must be used to rank your gig to the first page. If you already created a gig and it’s not performing well then you can tweak your gigs with the research provided below. It took months to bring you this research and we have interviewed hundreds of Top-rated sellers before drafting this research for you.

1- Articles & Blog Posts

If you build your profile solely on Articles and blogpost niche, then you have a probability to get the most work. It’s one of the highly paid contents writing fields and everyday buyers come to buy thousands of blogpost and articles services.

Best Gig Titles for Articles and Blog Posts

  • I will be your professional recipe writer
  • I will write SEO articles and blog posts
  • I will write the text for the website and optimize it for SEO
  • I will write your SEO optimized article or blog post
  • I will write and edit trending articles
  • I will write compelling SEO articles for your blog
  • I will write weekly blogs for your website
  • I will write catchy real estate articles and blogs
  • I will write an engaging, persuasive article
  • I will write high-quality amazon affiliate content
  • I will write compelling blog posts for your business blog
  • I will write blog posts for your health and wellness website
  • I will write engaging nutrition and fitness blog posts
  • I will be your SEO website content writer, article, and blog writer
  • I will write superb website content, website copy, and be your content writer
  • I will professionally edit and critique your query letter
  • I will craft you inspirational wellness articles and blog posts
  • I will write engaging digital marketing blog posts and articles
  • I will create an awesome article or killer content for your website
  • I will write or rewrite recipes and food blogs
  • I will upgrade your blog by writing the finest articles

Pick your gig title from the above gig titles and you will see the difference. Your gigs will have a higher probability of getting more clicks. And if you get more clicks most likely they will convert into orders.

Gig Tags that you should use for Articles & BlogPosts Gig

SEO articles, engaging articles, engaging blogpost, persuasive articles, SEO content, SEO boost, SEO blogposts, Website blogposts, Unique blogpost, Killer content, finest articles, compelling articles, compelling blogpost, compelling writing, writer, blog writer, article writer.

2- Translation

Note: You should edit the languages for the translation services you’re providing in these gigs titles

Best Gig Titles for Translation 

  • I will provide you a certified spanish to english translation 
  • I will professionally translate english to german
  • I will translate legal documents from spanish to english
  • I will provide a flawless english to french translation
  • I will translate anything from english to korean manually

Gig Tags that you should use for Translation

Translation, professional translation, certified translation, manual translation, legal document translation, flawless translation

3- Proofreading & Editing

If you create gigs on proofreading and editing then thousand of the buyer will need you services for a proofreader or editor tweak their words to perfection.

Best Gig Titles for Proofreading & Editing

  • I will professionally proofread and edit your document
  • I will proofread and copy edit your books and documents
  • I will professionally edit your personal statement
  • I will provide application personal statement edits and feedback
  • I will help get you into your dream school
  • I will edit your statement of purpose or personal statement
  • I will review and rewrite your copy as needed
  • I will proofread and edit your writing with expertise and speed
  • I will make your writing word perfect
  • I will provide excellent editing of all your content
  • I will proofread and critique your writing or copy
  • I will proofread and edit your existing content
  • I will proofread your novel or manuscript
  • I will edit your thesis or dissertation
  • I will line edit and proofread your manuscript

Gig Tags that you should use for Proofreading & Editing

Proofread document, edit document, proofread manuscript, critique writing, expert proofread, perfect writing, excellent editing, rewrite content, rewrite purpose, rewrite personal statement, proofread book, proofread articles, personal statement.

4- Resume Writing

You can create gigs for resume writing and showcase your professional experience with an expertly written resume.

Best Gig Titles for Resume Writing

  • I will provide a professional resume writing service
  • I will rewrite or review your resume by an HR executive
  • I will write CV, linkedin profile, resume and cover letter
  • I will write and upgrade your resume, cv, cover letter, linkedin
  • I will write a winning resume for management roles
  • I will write you a modern, millennial resume
  • I will deliver the full executive resume writing service
  • I will write your professional resume targeted to recruiters
  • I will create, improve and design your resume or cover letter

Gig Tags that you should use for Resume Writing

Resume writing, design resume, cv, upgrade resume, upgrade cv, resume service, resume recruiters, cover letter, linkedin resume, linkedin profile, review resume, professional resume, millennial resume, modern resume, executive resume.

5- Cover Letters

You can create a gig for cover letters and get hired faster with a professional cover letter portfolio.

Best Gig Titles for Cover Letters

  • I will help you with your personal statement
  • I will write your professional cover letter from scratch
  • I will write an inspiring cover letter, motivational letter
  • I will write a custom cover letter for your job application
  • I will create a cover letter to ensure an interview
  • I will write an exceptionally persuasive cover letter
  • I will edit your CV and cover letter for impact
  • I will create a professional cover letter to ensure an interview
  • I will prepare an investment banking cover letter
  • I will transform your cover letter
  • I will write a cover letter that gets you that job
  • I will write you the best cover letter
  • I will write your cover letter using my recruiting expertise

Gig Tags that you should use for Cover Letters

Cover letter, professional cover, recruiting expertise, best cover letter, interview cover letter, transform cover letter, custom cover letter, persuasive cover letter, engaging cover letter, impact cover letter, exceptional cover letter.

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