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How to reactivate your Fiverr account

Fiverr is an online marketplace where millions of freelancers rendering their services and getting an appreciative amount of income. Fiverr allow you multiple skills to perform like web designing, social media marketing, content writing, etc..  In this article, we will tell you how to reactivate your Fiverr account.

Thousands of applicants apply for the approval of their profiles on Fiverr. After getting an approved Fiverr profile, it is not easy to get the order on Fiverr. Because to get work, or give order on Fiverr thousands of expert persons available. Thus, for beginners to get order is hectic and time taking action. Most of the applicants leave Fiverr to lose their hopes when they could not get any order from the clients and stop searching for work from other clients, then Fiverr temporarily deactivated their account. 

Reactivation of deactivated account on Fiverr

When you do not use your Fiverr account, the team of Fiverr deactivates your account. When you do not follow the rules of Fiverr, Fiverr also deactivates your account. If any person wants to reactive his Fiverr account, he should send an email to Fiverr for the reactivation of his account. For this term, no one could help you. Fiverr has the authority to reactive your account. If you have broken any rule of Fiverr, it sends you an email to realize you about the misuse of this platform. Whenever you send an email to Fiverr, you get a reply within 24 hours. If Fiverr does not find any issue with your account, it activates your account after 24 hours. 

Deactivation of Fiverr account due to breaking down Terms Of Services (TOS)

 Sometimes a new seller on Fiverr complains about the disappearance of his account temporarily. Then he should follow the Term and Conditions at the time of signing up. You are bound to follow them strictly. When you sign up for the Fiverr account, you should keenly consider what you can do and what you are not allowed on this. At the time of signup, I am highly recommended you read the TOS. If you have a shortage of time, then read these TOS before your account creation on Fiverr. Otherwise, you got a TOS warning as a result. Usually, these TOS mention at the bottom of every Fiverr site page. 

How to active my Fiverr account

A person wants to get back his Fiverr account. Then only the Fiverr Customer Support team could help this person with his account activation. On this platform, no person has authority to access for account activation of any person. Only the Fiverr Customer Support Team members get access to account activation by any person. 

How to contact the Fiverr Customer support Team

A profile approval email and account deactivation email will accommodate you to get Fiverr customer services access. You get a link or references from the Fiverr customer services team to contact. When you click on it, you can send an email to the customer services team of Fiverr. That helps you to send the message to the Fiverr Customer Services Team. 

Reactivation of Fiverr account

Once you send an email to the Fiverr Customer Services Team, you get a reply or response after 24 hours. When Fiverr’s team unable to consider any issue with your account. Fiverr reactivates your account. If Fiverr examine any concern as like miss use of terms and conditions not allowed by Fiverr. Then it sends you an email in which Fiverr describes the reason why your account could not reactive for further use. 

Deactivation of account for incomplete verification 

As you know, Fiverr updates the accounts of its members. When Fiverr finds in-complete details unfit verification, then Fiverr temporarily deactivates such accounts after sending an email. In this email, Fiverr talks about the issue. If any person wants to sort out these issues, he should reply to this email for the Fiverr account reactivation. Fiverr after checking the concerning issues, reactivate your account again.  


As you know, Fiverr is the top-ranking platform for freelancers. It updates the profiles of its member’s sellers or buyers. When it updates the files or accounts, if Fiverr finds any problem, Fiverr deactivates your account by sending the reason for the deactivation of the account. This post will accommodate you if you face the problem of deactivation of your Fiverr account or temporarily disappearance of your Fiverr account. Thank you for your interest in finding how to reactivate your Fiverr account.

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