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How to get Upwork profile approved

Freelancing in the World is prevailing as like a forest fire. In 2017, the number of freelancers was about 57 million in the U.S.A. But with the passing time, its figure increased up to 65 million. To start freelancing profile approval on Upwork is becoming complicated. C E P (Stephen Kasriel) of Upwork mentions that Upwork about 10,000 new signups get every day. 
As this platform becoming familiar with the selection of freelancers is hectic. Several people are facing file rejection problems. Upwork profile approved on this platform is frustrating. To sort the file rejection problem and to get Upwork profile approval, read this post carefully. Tips for profile approval on Upwork as below: 

Use worked Email Adress

To sign up on the Upwork platform, a personal email address is essential for this purpose. You do not necessarily that you can sign up for Facebook and Twitter from this email address. Having an email address is the initial step from passing out the automated system of Upwork profile approval. 

Your email address possesses a custom domain which you can get after paying charges. You can search different hosting packages and a suitable package you can select for domain customization. But I highly recommended Bluehost because it offers you a domain facility at a lower price. 

Mention your skills in multiple categories

After getting the verified email address, you move to the application page. You have to define the services which you want to render by using the Upwork platform. Here you mention your experience too. 

Upwork updating its application page continuously. You can enter 4 to 5 subcategories and one service for one application. 

Always select relevant skills that you are holding. You confuse to select your skills then check the subcategories and select them, and write them into a form. Upwork accommodates you by showing a suggested list of skills. You can select a mastery skill. 

 Make sure you select all the allowed skills that you possess. If you are a beginner, you can read the Upwork articles for beginners. 

Choose Intermediate Experience Level

Once you denoted your skills, then you choose your experience level. Most applicants choose entry-level either they have worked on any substantial platform. I suggested the entry-level for new, intermediate for experienced persons and experts who have work in relevant fields for more than five years. If you want to do work at home, then Upwork is the best choice for you.  On this step, if you are not liable for any skill, then you should hold off on your application. Employ yourself to get the groundwork of the relevant skills that you want to perform on Upwork.

Complete your profile 100%
When you are filling your profile, you must fill in all the requirements. You should upload the profile picture, title, charges, portfolio, certifications, experience, etc. These things reflect your seriousness about your job. Your 100% file completion also leaves a positive impact on the client to get work. Make sure the picture that you are using should be attractive and presenting you as a professional person. Mean to say, use a clear and legit picture of yourself. 

The title also a significant part of your profile to grab the attention of clients. Always use impressive keywords for your title.

Sharpen your Categories
If Upwork analysis your skills and you fulfill the requirements, Upwork immediately embarrassed you. Otherwise, Upwork sends you an email of rejection to sharpen your skills and to be competent on this platform. In case of file rejection, you should go back and visit your profile setting to modify yours from skill categories. The simplest way, to go on file setting and click on the profile setting button. Change your profile data and submitted it again. 


Upwork is the backbone of the freelancing field. After the Covid-19 the freelancing touches its peak. That’s why the worth of Upwork increased. Most people using this platform to earn money. This post will help you to set your profile till then to get approval. 

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